Creating a Backup User on W7 ?


I want to give another user (bkupuser1) the SeSecurityPrivilege like Administrator has.

First I added the user in the Backup Operators group, using lusrmgr.msc program. However when I started a CMD prompt as the user and did: whoami /all
I could see the privilege was not granted to the user.

I tried gpupdate /force but that did not work either.
I then started a program called gpedit.msc (Group Policy Editor), this looked like what I wantec. It allowed me to add any number of special privileges to any user, and I did add SeSecurityPrivilege to the bkupuser1 - However, when I started a CMD prompt as the user and did: whoami /all

I could see the privilege was not granted to the user. I tried gpupdate /force, but still no joy.
I rebooted, still no good.

I tried using another program rsop.msc but that was no good either.
This is a very serious problem, as I do not wish to give out the Administrator user account. It should be possible to create a regular user account and assign the appropriate privileges.

I'm confused... why can't you manage the account simply by clicking "start" and typing "u" and selecting User Accounts/Manage Another account... bla bla bla

I need the account to have SeSecurityPrivilege.

I read where someone had the same problem and they got around it by logging on in safe mode and setting up an administrator's account for their wife.

You do know that when you log on you are only in an administrator's "GROUP" and not THE administrator? You have to run "net user administrator /active:yes" and reboot or log back in... I think you already know all this... just making suggestions.

If you want to log on as SYSTEM and have even higher access than Administrator, replace magnify.exe with cmd.exe and click "ease of access" (when prompted for which account to log onto at startup) and select magnify. It will take you to the command prompt with total access to everything. ... you can't run Windows Explorer because it doesn't know who you are... if you run "whoami" you'll see you are "system" you can run "msconfig" and under "tools"
launched "Computer Management" and select "Local Users and Groups" ...then
added another user to the Administrator group --- maybe they'll have the access you want to grant?

There is a lot of this I obviously don't understand. I'm just an end user... but I'm wondering if you are trying to setup a second Administrator.. not just give someone in the Administrator higher access? So far I haven't found anything about having two Administrators.... just multiple users in the administrator group.

[FONT=&quot]reboot in safe mode isnt an option as this is a live production system. [/FONT] [FONT=&quot]And why should you need to reboot to give an account some more privileges.

[/FONT]I [FONT=&quot]have a support team and want them to do most admin things, but not want to give them the administrator password, but the administrators group on windows 7, doesn’t seem to be really full administrator like on windows 2003.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I want to add the sesecurity privilege so these users can alter ACLs.[/FONT]

You shouldn't need to reboot... but it's not working like it's supposed to. If you google like I did I'm sure you will find where the guy said that he had to boot into safe mode to get past the error you described to set up his wife's admin account.

They seem to be currently discussing what you are trying to do here: How to give non-admin user ability to chkdsk drive? - Vista Forums

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