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Windows 7 Creating a recovery disk with drivers


New Member
Jan 7, 2013
Hi guys

Looking for a bit of advice on creating recovery disks.

I have a Dell laptop. I am wanting to completely flatten it and start it fresh (wipe the HD / reinstall windows ect).

how do i create a recovery disk that also includes all the drives?

I've been in a situation before where I have reinstalled windows, then not been able to do anything since I don't have any relevant drives (ie no network card driver).

Is there any way of doing this? if so how.

Any help is much appreciated.

If you are making a recovery disk, i.e. a copy of your present installation the drivers will be copied along with everything else.

If you are talking about making a Windows install DVD then it's not as much of an issue as it used to be.
Windows downloads the correct drivers for all the hardware while it's doing the installation and it's pretty good at doing it.

But you can check out this information...

How to add drivers to Windows 7 installation DVD? - Super User

Will the Windows 7 wizard for creating a recovery disk include the drivers then?
Your Dell should have come with a recovery partition installed complete with drivers etc. All you need to do is boot to the recovery partition. On a Dell this s likely to be:

During startup press F8 and select advanced options.

Your Dell should also include a utility to burn the recovery partition to create a recovery dvd from which you cboot and recover your system in the event of a complete hard drive failure. If you haven't alreay done this you should do so as a matter of urgency.

Yes if you make a Windows 7 recovery disk it will have your current drivers on it.