Creating and Editting Partitions

I have created a second partition to put all my games, music, work etc. on so I can format my C: drive as it my computer has started running a bit slower, especially with all the startup programmes and all the rubbish I have downloaded.

My 2 problems are:
1. I can't seem to extend the volume of my created partition, I have made it a certain size but cant increase the size to fit more stuff on. Anyone know how to do this?
2. How do I format my pc without loosing all the stuff on my new partition? i wanna completely get rid of everything and pretty much go back to as I installed it, but have all the stuff I have put on my second partition. I was wondering if that was possible and if so then how?


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You can reformat a partition without affecting another one. But, the installation of software is a different matter. The installation details are held in the registry, by Windows. And a moved file won't match that - or if Windows was purged, then the registry entries won't exist.

so how can I save all the stuff on my second partition but still format my pc to like brand new? becuase i have about 120GB on my second partition what I need to keep


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OK. You can reformat the C: drive and reinstall Windows on the Windows partitionn.
On your other partition(s) the data will be intact still.
But programmes on those partitions that were installed will need a fresh installation.

what do you think to reinstalling windows on C:
then copy all my stuff from my second partition back to my C: and then recreate my second parition with more space?
or do you think I should just creat a second partition from install?


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When doing any partition management you should always back up important data files to a separate medium - external hard drive of burn to dvd's. You can make any changes you want to your partitions using easeus partition manager, free from here:

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Reformat your drive C and use it for op sys and applications programs only, storing all your data files on another partition. Storing applications programs on another drive or partition is likely to be inefficient in terms of disk accesses.

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