Creating new drive to hdd after conversion to basic disk from dynamic disk

I'm having problems creating new partitions on my hdd fro munused space I have on my disk. It is bit long story but I hope somebody reads it and knows how to help me.

I got a new Acer computer (with Windows 7) which had 1 TB hdd. In the hdd there were C- (~500 GB), D (~500 GB)-drives and this "hidden" partition (~13,6 GB) which is somekind of acer back-up partition (at least I've heard so) and this system reserved partition (~100 MB, not sure what this partion is). Atleast I think the disk was partioned this way.

I decided to reduce C-drive with Windows 7 disk managament tool and it said that I could release around 250 GB from that drive which I did. Everything was fine until I tried to make new drive from the released ununsed space and I managed to convert my disk to dynamic disk. Here is a snapshot from my system after that. I think conversion to dynamic disk created a small partition (1 MT) in the beginnig of the list (not sure). Disk 1 is just old hdd which is working fine so no concerns in there. E-drive is the one I created and accidentally converted disk to dynamic disk.

Then I studied and found way to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk from hereHow to Convert a Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk in Windows 7 | Strangely Perfect and here Convert a dynamic disk to basic disk by three ways and software to change/revert to Basic Disk. withput losing any data.

I used ptedit32 (which did the same thing as HxD mentioned in the links). Here is snapshot from my disk (with HxD) before I did the conversion back to basic disk showing to 42 in the bottom of 02 column. Then I used ptedit32 and changed these two values to 07. After reboot everything was working fine and disk was converted back to basic disk. But now there was ~600 GB unused space on the disk (here's the snapshot from disk managament ). Now disk management don't let me do anything to that space unless I convert disk to dynamic disk.

So now the question is, how can I get that space back to use (to one or two drives like E and D-drives in the dynamic disk) without converting disk to dynamic? Is the small 1 MT partition keeping me from making a new partition on the disk (only 4 partitions per disk?)? I've looked it up in disk management and I think I can't remove that partition in there. Should I remove that partition and how should that be done? I have tried to convert the second 07 to 0F (this was suggested by someone) but after that computer didn't boot anymore and I had to use Windows Vista 32-bit recovery disk to get the ptedit32 to work on command prompt. But after I changed the 0F back to 07 computer is starting normally again.

So if anyone has a good idea how I can create new drive from this unused space, please let me know. Thank you in advance!


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Your term "dynamic" is confusing me. Was this drive used in a RAID setup? I see logical partitions which you seemed to have changed.

I also do not recognized the terms in disk management. Perhaps you could point out which one is system and which one is boot.

Do you know what the 1 mb partition is? Did it show up after the partition changes?

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