Creating system recovery disc on a different computer

My Windows 7 32 bit laptop has crashed. I do not have a instalation disc and like a dumb fool I never made a recovery disc. Can I make a recovery disc on a 64 bit Windows 7 that a relative of mine has. Can I just download it from a link and burn it onto a blankd dvd?

I would think you need the correct 32 bit system to make the appropriate recovery disc


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If you mean the Windows 7 repair disc that's about 165mb in size, then yes, you can get downloadable iso files that you burn to disc.

If you mean can you download an actual legit 3gb plus Windows 7 disc then the answer to that is also yes but you'll have to do some searching about.

I'm not sure on the forum policy on that one, but I've got a legit SP1 Win 7 disc now that somebody provided me with a link to the iso file.

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