Creative and nvida driver problem

hi i have had nvlddmkm.sys bsod error and nothing seems to work even changed the mobo graphics psu mem and still nothing. i have found it is the creative driver from creative crashes nvidia graphics card. i tried the windows update drivers and works find but some times i hear like the audio stops for half a second and fixed it self. the one thing i do not like about the creative driver from windows update does not have what you hear option and i am a dj and i need this option badly so please how do i enable what you hear option with windows driver. or a fix to the nvlddmkm.sys error. i have been trying to fix this ever seance the rc2 release. i have sound blaster x-fi titanium fatality pro edition and evga 9600 gso and evga 8600gt currently using 8600 because of 12 volt wire from psu burn out and need to use the stock power supply the pc came with. comp is hp compaq dc5750 mem 5 gb dual core 3.0


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Did you try going direct to the manufacturers site and download the drivers from there.

How did you come to the conclusion that the creative driver from creative crashes Nvidia graphics card?


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Have you tried an Nvidia driver from their website? You might need to hide the Windows Nvidia driver update to keep it from coming back. The reason I bring this up is one of the Windows Update Drivers messed up my system and I had to do this procedure.

at first i had the nvlddmkm.sys ever seance i upgraded from sound blaster audigy platinum to sound blaster x-fi titanium fatality pro editon and i just had that problem ever seance. i replaced mobo mem powersupply graphics card and still nothing. so i thought it was my custom os that was screwing it up but wasnt that either so what i did was just installed the drivers from windows update for my sound card and just downloaded the drivers from nvidia. and was working correctly. so then i downloaded the drivers from creative website and once i restarted from installing the drivers i started to play fallout 3 and just the intro to continue the came it crashed with the sound moving really slow then screen turns black then shows the bsod with message nvlddmkm.sys. after i reinstalled the driver from windows update it worked find but some times when the computer is doing to much u can hear the sound make the same slow noise but only for a second then goes back to normal. some where between nvidia driver from their website and creative driver from their website is conflicting with each other. i thought it was the sound card but it is not the sound card. cause my friend let me barrow his which is very new and still the same results. i even used driver cleaner pro to remove any left over drivers before i reformatted to a new fresh os install not customized. and that is how i figured out it was the creative driver that causes my gfx cards to crash with the same results over and over and over. hell i even underclocked the gfx card and still nothing, not even a small fix. i dont oc any of my comp parts, and yes i have went to the website to download the drivers. so is their any way i can get what you hear option?


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A similar issue happened to me.

Look in Device Manage r for any entries with a yellow flag, also look in Display and see if there are two entries, and also under the sound card.

ok i installed the creative drivers from website and checked and their isnt any yellow ones. looks all fine


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Did it install correctly?

the driver from creative website yes it did but still the same problem. i even tried to stream some music via what you hear and baam yahoo messenger crashes. then tried game and same problem comes up but i was able to play for 23 mins. went back to windows driver and works but had that same problem again with the sound messing up for a second. My game crashes now, either my back up iso of fallout 3 is corrupt in some way or a driver issue.


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Open a command prompt and type cmd and hit Enter. Now type sfc /scannow

with the driver installed from creative website or windows update driver?


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I'm not sure what you mean.

Are you referring to the sfc /scannow entry I posted?

yeah should i install the creative drivers from website or the windows update or both?


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I personally would get the directly from the manufacturer.

Before the manufacturer starting writing Windows 7 driver, your only choice was Windows Update.

I;d trust the manufacturer would write a better driver.

yeah so would i but i guess creative is not on their game for this product.


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Try downloading a program called Driver Sweeper:
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

And then try to install the drivers.

Credit goes to kemical for this great program.

yeah i have already done this before. i used driver cleaner pro still no help on this issue. i know for a fact that its a creative driver issue and i hope they just make a dedicated driver for win 7 only and no other os driver. like the one they have for vista only i had problems with the vista and xp driver in one the sound would sound weird in surround sound and got tired of it so looked on there website found one that just vista only and works perfect. even tho it was about a year old it workd better then the newer version.


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So the problem is solved?

yeah kinda, only thing now that needs to be done is creative needs to do something about this driver issue. problem solved yes


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Why don't you try Creative's support forum?

did not know they had one just went to customer support and dealing with the issue as i type. thanks for the help i will post a solution if creative fixes the problem

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