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Aug 28, 2007
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some of you may be aware of the 'rumpus' thats been happening over at the creative forums.. If you haven't, here's a quick run down:
As you may be aware many of creatives products don't have the same functionality in Vista as they do in XP. Creative have said that it's not possible to create drivers to enable this functionality... One person in particular disagreed with this and set about modding the drivers so they would work in Vista, giving, 'full' functionality.. He then posted these drivers which eventually led the Creative team to write a nasty little note to the modder in their forums asking him to basically stop..
Anyway here's one of his answers to Creative and also at the bottom of the page is a link to his fully functional drivers, which, do work as I can testify:
Daniel_K, Who Fixed Creative's Broken Vista Drivers, Speaks Out - VR-Zone IT & Lifestyle Forum!

To sign a petition against Creative and it's drivers, go here:
Creative Labs Driver Quality Petition
It seems Creative have had a rethink and will be offering the Alchemy drivers for the Audigy cards free of charge.. If you have already paid for the driver you may be in line for a refund... Go here to register:
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On a more personal note, I think this great. Users should not be penalised for using a different os and the original action by Creative was a rather sneaky one. At least this goes some way to puttiing Creative in a better light.
When the link becomes available for the free set of drivers I'll post.. :cool:
I don't think Creative are forward thinking enough to have done that. They proved this by their original actions...
As long as sound comes from the correct speaker all the other stuff to me is not that important. I personally don't need sound effects and junk.
just my 2 cents :rolleyes:
True but if the card your using doesn't have a feature enabled simply because the manufacturer decided not to support that feature so you would buy new hardware you'd be pretty pissed right?
Creative have now released version1.10.01 of the ALchemy software for vista. Get yours here but remember to look under applications:
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Just to add I'm running this alongside Daniels Drivers and both seem to work fine together..
Creative has released an updated Version 1.20.04 of the ALchemy software for X-Fi and Audigy sound cards under Windows Vista. This version adds support for several more games.

I've now finally card my card to run as it should with the above download. I have to say games with the EAX stuff sound amazing and I'm currently running through games like Fear again because of this. One final twist to all this... When I used to use XP if I tried to enable the hardware mixing ect in games I would get an almighty crash but under vista it works like a charm...:cool:
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