Windows 7 Credential Manager: mystery

The Credential Manager (control panel) appears to have an entry that I did not put there myself.

Generic Credentials
Internet or network address:
user name: (one that I do not recognise)
Password: (unknown 8 character password)
persistence: local machine

(I am new to Windows 7 (recent clean install - drive wipe) and have never seen Credential Manager before (even in Vista), although I think it has something to do with signing automatically into websites without using cookies.)

Any idea what entry is, and should I try to delete it?

Thanks, although it doesn't explain the entry that I didn't put there myself (virtualapp/didlogical). It just should not be there. I don't know whether to delete it or not.

For instance, Windows 7 offered to remember the login details for Amazon. I assume that was The Credential Manager prompting this question, and I clicked yes. However, Amazon is not recorded on the Credential manager. This is when I discovered the strange entry I mention in my original post.

Again, today I signed onto a new site, but this time Windows 7 did not offer to remember the login details. However, the mystery entry is marked as modified.

Makes me wonder if this is related to that Prism Surveillance system that's been in the News recently.

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