VIDEO Crypto Taxes 101: The Complete Step-by-Step Crypto Tax Guide | US

Thank you for sharing. This is very informative, I never knew how the profit from cryptocurrency is taxed. I didn't even know that it is so complicated. I would like to know if all cryptocurrencies are taxed in our country. I am using a Chinese cryptocurrency that was made after a lot of hard work by very talented individuals and close work with the Chinese Government. I keep all my cryptocurrencies in a wallet on a Chinese account and I don't think that it is possible to track them. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity for every person that invests in crypto.
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This is really bad news to anyone investing in anything right now, I always recommend everyone else to use IronFx, more info here, they are real professionals. Check them out if you too want to get started in forex trading before we end up paying more in taxes or commissions.


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i want to be clear that I only allowed this post because its in the cooler ... in other areas I'll see it as link spam and remove it