Crysis Engine 3 tech demo VS Unreal 3 engines latest tech demo

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    The potential for a realtime movie maker "Sandbox for Cinema" with virtual acting using the new Crysis engine is looking extremely good, think of Garys mod on steriods.... Then just as that blow you the new Unreal 3 engine bladerunner inspired "Samaritan" demo running on 3x Nvidia 580's whih is nothing short of amazing for the older engine to pull off. Consoles can officially cry in their pints, as it clearly shows off what any console can't do, which is to be used to create... not just basic stuff but entire features from start to finnish, and the Samaritan demo shows how far ahead PC is in terms of realistic graphics... I very much doubt any console from the next generation as yet unreleased will even get close to current grade stuff let alone these.

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