ctrl+alt+del pressed, no password prompt: unable to log in

Hello my issue is as follows:
->Win 7 Pro
->Boots up shows "press ctrl+alt+del" screen
->Once this is pressed, the prompt for the password does not show (mouse moves not frozen)
->Unable to recover from rescue cd
After toiling with this issue for some time I found that when the computer is shut down properly, the next login does not show the password prompt. If the computer is shut down via a 5 second power-button press, the password prompt appears the next time the computer is turned on after the "start widows normally" dos screen.
I had an older image of the os on a harddrive (replaced HD with solid state) that I used to "restore" from. The issue happened again some 6 days later. I can not keep restoring/backing up all the time as it is very time consuming (there is a lot of changing data on this computer and having to back up like this all the time is not a realistic solution).
What can be causing this issue? I would like to solve this issue without having to re-image and restore updated data. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

No replies eh? Will no-one accept the challenge?

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