Windows 7 CTRL + command not working


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Apr 21, 2013
Whenever I do
  • CTRL + Z
  • CTRL + P
  • CTRL + C
  • CTRL + R
  • etc
It barley works. What I usually do is hold CTRL and press the key. I end up having to press it like 5 - 15 times then it gets back to normal for a while, then goes back to me having to do that. I installed no new programs or nothing It just randomly happened. I used the on-screen keyboard and it worked fine.
Does this happen using either CTRL key? It sounds like the CTRL key is sticking or not making good contact.

You might need to clean the keyboard or try a new one. Sometimes just turning it over and tapping lightly will help.
It happens with both CTRL keys. It seems to be working now that I have the on screen keyboard running now. I don't think its my keyboard because It works after just holding CTRL and pressing a key a few times.
I suppose then the only thing I could recommend is to plug the keyboard into another port, or reinstall the drivers..
The drivers need to be installed on the HDD... but I don't think that's the problem, since you're with a laptop. My bet would be that it's dirt and dust causing the trouble, or other pure electric contact issues. Cleaning and vacuum cleaning might be a solution.
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