Curious ATi Radeon 3000 problem

Hello folks.

I've just received my new desktop which came with the ATI Radeon 3000 preinstalled. It has an ASUS M5A78L-M LX motherboard.

I'm using Windows 32 bit and everything's working fine apart from the graphics card.

It isn't appearing on my device manager list, although Speccy is picking it up and Windows must know it's there as it keeps trying to install the driver.

When I do install the driver everything follows through...I get the message telling me the monitor may turn itself on and off during installation. And so the monitor switches off...and stays off. I've tried this a few times now...even left it humming away for 3 hours and still nothing.

When I try to reboot from here the monitor still refuses to pick up a signal and I have to do a system restore.

The driver then reappears in my optional updates, waiting to be installed again.

I hope this hasn't been covered, I´ve had a look through the forums for the card model but couldn't find anything specific, although there do seem to be a lot of issues with the brand. This is my first graphics card and the jargon is a bit headmelty.

Many thanks in advance if anyone can help.


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Hi, I would hide the update from MS. Sometimes, especially with graphic drivers, MS update doesn't always give a smooth ride. Just right click the update and choose to hide it. Just for your info, pop this link into your favourites as it's the spec page for your onboard GPU:

ATI Radeon

After hiding the update download and apply this driver.:

ATI Radeon

Thanks for the info!

I removed the update and installed the driver - same problem.

The frustrating thing is that the computer is still running - I can hear various notification bleeps meaning something is happening but I can't see anything - the monitor just stays dead, 'no signal'.

I've had to do another system restore.

The computer was delivered just a few days ago - could the graphics card have become dislodged in transit?

One of my IT friends in London has told me this graphics card is integrated into the motherboard so it shouldn't have a seating problem. Stumped.

Sorry for bothering you turns out there is a driver already installed and it was the windows update which was making me think the correct driver wasn't there.

Novice. Disculpame!!


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Hey, well we live and learn.. Glad you at least sorted the issue. :)

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