Cursor jumps to pointer....

When I'm writing in Word (Windows 7) the cursor jumps to where the pointer is. In other words, when I'm writing a sentence and I wait a bit and then continue I'm writing text in a previous paragraph.

This happens very consequently but I didn't have this issue with XP.

I tried to figure out how to resolve this but was unsuccesful so far. Does anyone know the answer?

found the answer:

Go to mouse settings and change 'hide pointer while typing' under tab pointer options.

This is still a problem, I thought I had solved it but unfortunately not... anyone?

Hi Leanne,

I guess you are using a laptop? I had this problem too and I used to solve it by disabling the touchpad and using a usb mouse instead.

Alternatively you can grab a little program called 'TouchFreeze' that works like a charm. It's available from sourceforge.

Apologies if you're not using a laptop.

Hi Wakers,
Yes I do use a laptop. As a matter of fact the Windows 7 came with it.
And thank you for mentioning the mouse thing. I had a small mouse (a cheap one from Creative) installed a while back but I stopped using it. When I plugged it in back then it installed a small programm. So I tried to find that using SEARCH but it's not on there anymore.
Anyways, I have that mouse plugged in and so far it appears you are right! Yay! It doesn't screw up my articles anymore! I am a copywriter and need this laptop and the Windows Word application a lot but that jumping of the cursor to where the pointer was really getting on my nerves!!
Thanks again!!


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