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I’m sure you are familiar with the Windows 7 task switcher, which has been around since Windows XP. To access it you simply press Alt+Tab and use them to cycle through programs that our currently open. Then in Windows Vista we saw an additional feature which is essentially the same thing but it gives you a nice 3D image of the open Windows. This can be accessed by Windows Key+Tab and is called Aero Flip.
However many people prefer to use the older Alt+Tab task switcher as it’s slightly quicker and if you have a low spec system the Aero Flip feature may slow things down on you.
Some people are also in the situation where they have rather large displays and using the task switcher can be tricky as the thumbnails are quite small and hard to see from a distance on a high resolution screen.
Now with At+Tab Tuner you can customize the task switcher to make it more user friendly. Margins, spacing, and icon position can also be adjusted, as well as the thumbnail size. The Tuner can also change the transparency level of the task switcher window. It’s as simple as moving the sliders up and down within the program.

You can download the program from here. Then extract the folder and run the .exe file. The window shown above will pop up and you can edit your settings from there.
For those of you who prefer the Windows XP task switcher, you can have that too by simply ticking the box for “Old Style Alt+Tab dialog” If you have messed around with it too much and just want it back to normal, simply hit the “Defaults” button.
All this program really does is tweak the registry but it’s much easier than going and digging around the registry which can be fairly daunting especially for users new to it.

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