Custom built computer, 6 days old, dying on BSOD

Custom built computer, Week old, dying on BSOD

Hello, I am new to these forums. I have been experiencing BSOD from between 7sec to 6hour of computer running on,
and it is both random and somewhat predictable (quite usual to BSOD when restarting through windows or using anything
on the machine, be it program, text file, GUI button or anything).

I was hopin if i could get some help from here using the info i can provide. View attachment 20258
I used the tools that are suggested in the Sticky threads, while some of them just cant be used as i crash when i attempt to intall them.
Anyways, here is what i have got now: View attachment Seven Forums - Nimza's BSOD.rar (24.6.2012)

The computer of mine was built on saturday 16.6.2012, and ever since i got it running with windows (after a day of juggling)
the machine has been crashing. Mostly it gives something as IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, but i have also got several times something called MEMORY_MANAGEMENT ever since i decided to completely clean C: (ssd, shining new and for my Win7 mainly)
D: (1TB hdd, shining new) and E: (old HDD from a machine that did work. this hdd is for mostly programs and music, while D: is meant for games mainly) but turns out that even after many BSOD's i got the OS updated as far as it goes, and drivers for my motherboard, the BSOD just keeps coming.

BSOD can come before Windows opens, before windows has loaded the desktop visible, after i see desktop, of ANYWHERE past that point, whether it be immediately while something is loading up, i load something up, click anywhere or on anything, shut down or restart windows... from anything. First time i encountered this, was 16.6.2012 right after i had updated Win7 64bit with all i could get from Windows Update, and it has persisted with its randomness ever since.

Those few times i have gotten so far that i got to use something called BlueScreenView program, i can see ntoskrnl.exe as the suggested driver to crash, but from what i have read, that is not true as i cannot see the truth from the report myself (don't have knowledge nor skill to do it).

I have installed once win7 64bit, and once re-installed on 21.6.2012 in an attempt to repair problems. I began putting one driver at a time, removing it if i saw BSOD while of after installing it, but in the end i saw no difference in what i had on computer and what i did not, to affect my PC. I do remember of seeing amdx64 in somewher ewhere it stated the system technology or something, but i haven't found it again. I think it should not say amd ANYWHERE, because i have intel CPU.

Any help is appreciated if you can help me kill what ever the faulty code or piece of software i have, maybe even something as bad as faulty piece of hardware.
I am TRULY getting desperate here, as i do not have anything else interesting to do than play games and listen to music on my computer, and right now it is quite complicated. It feels alot of a waste to get expensive piece of hardware after long saving and end up having it barely above unusable.

(There is some attachment link that does not work? Didn't mean to add such, but in edit mode i can't find it to remove it).

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Re: Custom built computer, Week old, dying on BSOD

Anyone has any hint on how to solve my problems?


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Re: Custom built computer, Week old, dying on BSOD

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Could you get CPU-Z and attach pictures of each tab and each memory slot pulldown please. Which will aid in diagnosing your problem.


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