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Hello. I know basically how to create custom folder icons by right clicking on a folder to "properties" and "customize" "change icon" by using ico formated icons in Windows 7 64bit; but how do you keep the custom folder icons from disappearing when you move them to another computer? I did find a set of already made icons and they don't disappear when you move them to another computer, so there must be a trick to it. thanks


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Hello rfyr,

As far as I know, you can't, once you move a folder/file from it's original location to a new one, it's removed/deleted from the original location.
Instead of moving the files/folders try copying them to the new location.

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There is a way because I have a set of icons that I've had for years that work in any computer and system you put them in. So it obviously possible.


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It's not possible, because changing a folder icon on your own system, references that icon location on your own filesystem for it to show your custom ICO. When you move that to a new PC, this ICO file in reference becomes lost in translation, and the system viewing your folder will just reset it to the default because it doesn't care. It wouldn't even know where to start looking.

And furthermore, a folder is just a container, so unlike a file which is actually something, an object on your filesystem, you can't embed this resource in it's resource table anywhere so that it wouldn't have to look any further to find what it's display should be.