Windows Vista Customise start up on Vista or 7


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I have used it on both Vista and 7 and really got my start up leaned.

Note: For getting into msconfig you need to login as an Administrator Account or need Administrator Password.
Open the Start Menu.

In the search line, type msconfig and press Enter.
Go to step 3.

Open the Control Panel (All items view) and click on the Administrative Tools icon, then click on System Configuration. Close the Control Panel and Administrative Tools windows.

If prompted, click on Continue for the UAC prompt, or type in the administrator's password.

Click on the Startup tab.

To Disable a Startup Program.

Select a listed startup program and uncheck it.
Repeat to disable anymore listed startup programs.

To Enable a Startup Program

Select a listed startup program and check it.
Repeat to enable anymore listed startup programs.

To Disable All Listed Startup Programs

Click on the Disable all button. (See screenshot below step 4)
Go to step 8.

To Enable All Listed Startup Programs

Click on the Enable all button.

Click on Apply and OK.

Click on the Restart button to apply.

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