Windows 7 Customization questions

Hello, I'm Running Windows Home Premium 32bit and while it does have some nice things, I do find my self wishing I could go back to a more xp like setup.

things like Aero Preview, drive me nuts as most of the windows I have open have simular looking screens. so this feature is of little use but keeps poping up when I leave my mouse down there or randonmly when trying to select certian programs. I got the delay set to a super high value to try to make it appear less but sometimes it'll still show up to annoy me usally when I need to click on something that appears just under the preview window, then I have to try to get it to stop displaying the preview so I can click on the thing I'm trying to click on.

Another annoynace is the pinned programs, I loved the quick links xp has but when I open a program that's pinned I don't want the task bar button to replace the "pinned" icon on the task bar.

Also annoying is the fact when you drag a url from IE out to the desktop or filter. IE will close that window even if I got other tabs open it doesn't care it decide I no longer want to look at any of the other tabs I spend a long time finding. and just open the one link I had open. and the Fact that now I can't chose where I wanta save my files anymore, it never promps me for location it just lumps everything to gether in the downloads folder and I gotta sort it out myself latter.

how ever I do like beeing able to rearange the task bar buttons and, it has much better support for adding exernal monitors after it's booted wich is also quite handy and I like that it comes with the fulll media center, plus the wallpaper slide show is nifty thing I didn't have access to before. still it seems like it's two steps foward and three back. any one know how I can fix these problems?

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