Windows 7 Cybercrime or Cyberwar?


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Hacking America: Cybercrime or Cyberwar?

Are we under attack? Hacking is alive and well and becoming ever more present in both government and private sectors. Who is responsible? How are they doing it? How bad is it? What can be done to stop it? These questions are being asked more frequently than ever before.

How Safe Are We?
With every moment that goes by someone, somewhere is somehow trying to commit cyberattacks. Don't believe me? Let's refer to excerpts from actual articles on information management and national security.
The FBI is always a valid source of information, at least for budding criminal threats. The Deputy Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Cyber Division) seems to have a few concerns about the threat to national security stemming from cybercrime.
America's Cybercrime Risk - A Look at Articles on Information Management and National Security

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