Windows 7 D: drive does not show up in My Computer


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I just installed Windows 7 build 7000 succesfully with no errors at installation process.

I am running Win7 on Sony VAIO FE41S.

I installed Win7 on clean drive with no upgrades etc, at the installation I selected C: drive as windows location.

Everything went great but when i first lounched My Computer I found that I cannot find D: partition, instead I got CD/DRIVE as D: !? I'm still shocked because I got all my art jobs on that partition.

P.S I have never seperated my hard drives it was coming with windows vista home premium originally.

Anyone got a clue?

Sorry for my english :)



I changed drive letter in disk management.

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I think you will find it's there but simply isn't yet recognized by the OS ;)

If you right click "computer" and select "manage" then goto "disk management" hopefully your drive will be there and all you need to do is right click it and assign a drive letter :)

If you want it to be "D" then first reassign the CD drive. To do this simply right click the disk drive that is currently "D" and by following "change drive letter and paths" and changing that to something else such as "E" then "D" will become available as an assignable drive letter :cool:

let us know how you get on :D