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    yesterday, i turned off my laptop. this morning, i turned it on. i double click on that lovely fallout 3 icon on my desktop. i click play.

    Then this popped up:

    Failed to initialize renderer.
    Hardware T&L not supported by adapter.

    Mystified, i go to options, and a very strange thing caught my eye.

    Instead of displaying that i had a 7400 go Nvidia graphics card (yes, i know) the options thing was telling me that I had a Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset. D: i tried playing every game on my laptop, and none would play. i though 'ok, i have to install a new driver'. i did so on the nvidia website, and this message popped up:

    The Nvidia Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.

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    It almost sounds like your Nvidia card has failed and defaulted to the chipsets video card.

    Does the machine have dual graphics capability?

    Some makers have built-in the capability to switch between advanced graphics hardware (like Nvidia or ATi) or less capable chipset adaptor.
    The reasoning being that you would use the dedicated (Nvidia) device for demanding applications like games and such while using the chipset devie for more mundane tasks, this in an effort to save power.

    Do you have an option in power settings or your display settings to toggle between devices?

    How about a BIOS setting?

    Can you provide system specs (manufacturer and hardware/software etc.)?
    How old and is the machine nstill under waranty?

    Have games played OK until now?

    You mentioned that "yesterday I turned off my laptop", do you mean by that statement that you keep you machine running all the time?

    If so that is generally not recomended by laptop manufacturers.
    Unlike a desktop a notebook should be shutdown after use and even a desktop
    can benifit from periodic shutdowns (free up resources etc.).
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