Windows 7 D800 Graphics Driver - Geforce4 4200


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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone successfully installed Windows 7 on a Dell Lattitude D800 with a Nvidia Geforce4 4200 card? Install of Windows 7 works fine with the standard VGA drivers but whenever I try and install the XP 4200 drivers from the Dell website, it causes these two things:

  1. The windows logo on the boot splash screen is not displayed correctly
  2. Approx 10 seconds after login, the system completely hangs with no response from keyboard / mouse.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is it quite simply a case of incompatible hardware with 7? Although the standard 7 drivers would be fine for what I want to do (nothing particularly graphics intensive) they wont allow me to choose a widescreen resolution.

Any suggestions / advice appreciated!


System Specs:
Dell Lattitude D800
1.4GHz CPU
Nvidia Gefore4 4200
20Gb HDD
15" TFT Widescreen
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