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Jul 22, 2011
I wanted to start this thread to warn people about things that have come up during my time testing Windows 8. The largest things that I was hoping to put out is the stuff that is a major break down, and could cause your system to have to be cold shutdown. That was the major idea I had, but please add anything you might think is relevant.

Using Fallout 3 retail, everything was running even better than on any other Windows. The wall paintings didn't shutter and there were no signs of lag or lockup. Then the system froze, like Fallout 3 is prone to do. I thought it was no big deal, until I tried to get out of the game and into the task manager to kill the process. The ctrl-alt-delete started the security window, but under the Fallout 3 window. I was able to get my curser out of the game and to the right monitor, though was unable to start the task manager, from the context menu on the task bar. For some reason it wouldn't start at all. I finally had to put my system in hibernate and bring it out, that was a 10 minute long process, and then it would let me get to the security window to start the task manager. It was purely by accident that I put it in hibernate. I forgot that I set up my power button to start that, when pressed. Either way, that could cause some issues in the future for someone. I wanted to give a heads up on that.
Hi Sweetie!
Nice to see you here!

So far, I'm having a ball, tweaking and tuning W-8 to my likings. Just one problem so far, , , it was when I tried to install AVG FREE 64 bit. It chocked and errored out and never did finish installing. I tried every version I had in the archives and NO GO.
But, Malware Bytes and Spybot Search & Destroy installed and ran OK.

I find that many of the tweaks I regularly use on W-7 also work great on W-8.

I'm actually having a ball, fussing with W-8.

The Doctor :cool:
Same here Doc. I suspect the problem is more to do with the game interaction with Win 8 DP just as your AV app. This is a very early alpha version of Win 8 and MS does state that many features are not included yet. There is probably something that the game needs that is not yet available. Perhaps reporting this to MS would be appropriate. This thread references some changes taking place with Win 8 DP based on user feedback.
This forum is VERY catagorized and for the life of me, I couldn't find a better place to put this.
OK, when my desktop opens, after I've gotten rid of the Metro UI, I get this, on the right side of my screen.


If I open my Desktop, from the Metro UI box menu, I don't see this.

My whole screen, adjusted to my spec's, looks like this:


Any ideas?
the Doctor :cool:
Might be ramainders from the Alpha build, before the new additions to the Explorer where added. Never really know, but I am guessing that it wont cause you any problems. Unless you have ADD LoL
I found another problem. I was running Global Agenda and adjusted my graphic settings. Enabeling DX10 was one of the options I started. Then I was told to restart. So I assumed that it ment the game. So I did. Then when I went to start the game, it would start, but the window would minimize. I could hear the sound just fine, but no matter what I did I could not keep it from minimizing to the task bar. That was very frustrating. Then for kicks and giggles, I restarted my machine. That stoped it from minimizing to the task bar. This makes me wonder if Windows is going to go back to the, restart means the system. Like back in 9x and ME days. I really hope not, and that this was just a fluke. I would hate to have to restart my system every thing I wanted to enable or disable setting like DX10.
In my experience, when a program needs to restart, like, to implement an update, it will tell you, like, "Restart Firefox now?"
Otherwise a "Restart" should always be considered as a System Reboot. Or as we said back in the IBM 370 days, "Bounce the System", where memory is cleared and the OS and programs are reloaded.

I see another problem. There's either no spell check in W8, or Will Robinson changed his name.:devilish::tickled_pink::tickled_pink::tickled_pink:

On the more Serious side, I had another problem:
I wrote a batch file to do the Option #1 to turn off Metro UI and that worked great.
Then I wrote a registry script to do Option #2 and that worked great.
Then I tried to put the .reg script as the last line in my batch file and windows got nasty.
It told me the registry script was NOT a legal command or program file. Crap!

So as I've done so many times before, if I want to run two programs, I'll have to run them
separately. However, I do have a number of batch files that I use when setting up a new
PC and batch files CAN be grouped together into one large Batch File. Even Registry scripts
can be merged into one larger script.

I have already grouped "Take Ownership" and "Disable UAC" together, into one registry script.
(Since they both work on W8, it's a small move to now add 'Disable Metro UI' to that script.)

That script, along with everything else I use to set up a W7 PC, is available for download
from my web site, in a RAR file called "Win 7 Stuff".

Eventually, I'll have a Win-8 Stuff rar file on my Web Page too.
(Like, I have a WinXP stuff and a Vista stuff folder on my Utilities CD already.)

Oooops! Rant again!


PS: So, Naiya, wadda ya think of my W8 desktop?
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Who, that is very pretty. I really like the wallpaper. I have a bunch of anime and video game screen shots that rotate on a slideshow. Something along the lines of 500 .jpegs right now.
AS for the spelling, that was on purpose. Legal actions and all. I don't need to be sewed LoL. I already have enough blood thirsty ninjas after me, don't need to add lawyers to that list as well. LMAO
I want to say that Global; Agenda said, restart Global Agenda...but I am not 100% sure. so I will throw that back on the could be a possibility of a problem.
The next things that I have found very annoying too is the volume in Windows 8. For no reason at all, and with out warning the volume cuts to half mass. And stays like that. The only way to fix it is to restart the game or change tracks (to a different video and back, or a different song and back).
I hear talk about disabling the Metro UI. Though what affect dose it have on the OS itself? What things dose it change and what things dose it break?
I get that as well Doc. I believe we all most likely have it. I guess it's just something we have to live with. Oh well. At least MS is letting us play with what essentially is a Alpha release of Win 8. I was not able to play with Win 7 until RC so this is very early in the life cycle of Win 8.

I have found a bunch of different landscapes and scroll through them on my desktop. I get bored with just one. I must have 30 now. This is the one displaying presently:

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I get that as well Doc. I believe we all most likely have it. I guess it's just something we have to live with. Oh well. At least MS is letting us play with what essentially is a Alpha release of Win 8. I was not able to play with Win 7 until RC so this is very early in the life cycle of Win 8.

I have found a bunch of different landscapes and scroll through them on my desktop. I get bored with just one. I must have 30 now. This is the one displaying presently:

Re: Danger Will Robinson Danger

I was told, many years ago now, that "Great minds, like soup, run together".
I see you too, put your shutdown Icon right above the START button. That just seemed like the most logical place to put it, since the whole world is now used to mousing down to that corner to shut down their PC's.
(Go to START to STOP)))) Only at Microsoft)

I feel very lucky, privileged, whatever, that MS is letting me get a close up look at their new OS.
And it installed "Activated" too. Cool!

If the Metro UI is still in the package, as a default, when the first W-8 PC's hit the stores, it will never see the light of day.
That, like UAC and a few other things will be "Gone in 60 Seconds". My old customers (and even most new ones) don't wanna see all that junk on their screens. Like me, they want their PC to be as fast and as simple as possible.
I can do that!:tickled_pink:

I remember the first time I had to set up Windows Live Mail, for a little gramma, she wrinkled up her nose like she'd just smelled a Skunk. I's a washed out, nasty looking, thing and a monster to set up, compared to good ol' Outlook Express. Tonight, I'll be activating and setting up Windows Mail, to see if W-8 will accept it. Film at 11. :shame:

Cheers Mates!
The Doctor :cool:
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Re: Danger Will Robinson Danger

You know Doc, sometimes my mind only feels "Great" when I can get that old brain cell chugging on all cylinders. Oh well!

Another thing I do is to set up a folder called Shorcuts that I try to place all the app shortcuts into. I then created a New Toolbar on my Taskbar and point to this folder. This way with one click I can see all my oft used apps rather than going through All Programs. This leaves my desktop a little less cluttered. (this screenshot taken from Win 7 because it shows many more apps in the Shortcuts Toolbar)

Re: Danger Will Robinson Danger

Doc, When I turned Metro back on, the warning you point out in post #4 is gone!

Re: Danger Will Robinson Danger

I have the same experience. I think I must have reinstalled Windows 8 about ten times now, to try out different options (separate HD: clean install: install from within 7:etc). As a side issue, I have not (yet) had any of the issues which I read on the forums.
But, to the point, the last couple of installs, I have adopted a procedure of logging on with a plain username, rather then a live ID, and then enabling the "Global" admin as a second user. Before trying out any customisation, I find I only have the watermark as attached. I can see, from several web sources, that you can also get rid of this by swapping out a ssytem file with one "pre-hacked". No point in this for testing purposes.
I have traced down my volume problem to having to do with my phone. I charge my smart phone with my computer and when it gets all stupid so dose the volume.
Just for grins and giggles, what file gets rid of that annoying on-screen message?


Not a clue, I just re-enabled Metro and it was gone.

Naiya, glad you traced the problem. Don't you have a regular charger for your phone? I wonder if the USB port (I assume you use a USB port) might have a problem. Have you tried a different USB port?
Okay for the third time I am posting this. Might be a problem with my IE though. Stupid IE LoL Ted, you are right, I am using a USB port. It is the same port that I have used since January, when I got the docking station. The docking station that is just a piece of plastic that olds my phone in a cool 87 degree angle from itself, and is only an extension of the USB cable. LoL Any way, the point being that I haven't changed anything since about January, and it works fine on my 7 install. Not really sure why it would act up on 8 only though. Could be a conflict with the phone, 8 and VLC. I noticed that it only messes up when VLC is running. Though it is not technically an error, so no logs are saved. Wonder if there is a way to monitor the hardware and log any changes. Or would that do any good at all?
The only thing I can think is that because Win 8 is such an early preview, they have not incorporated full USB support. Just guessing here, but who knows. Perhaps, again because it's an early release, coordination between various apps and USB power requirements are not enable properly. Again, guesses, who knows for sure. I suspect each new iteration of Win 8 will supply more support for various "stuff".
Oh, I am fully aware of working with pre-production software. I am no stranger to that. I'm just curious why that would happen. Then again I do have two sets of speakers. One through the sound card and the other through USB port. That could be causing the problem as well. Along the lines of the media player wanting to change to the USB speakers, for some reason. There could be a thousand reasons.
Re: Danger Will Robinson Danger

I've spent most of the day, today, tracking down a weird problem with Win-8.

The icons I put on my desktop, early on, stay put, like they are supposed to do, but icons I've positioned since I disabled the Metro UI, jump back to the left side of the desktop every time I reboot.

So, I tried killing the MUI by the registry tweak only, not using the batch file to rename the shsxs.dll file and that seems to have fixed the problem. I may fuss with it some more, but I think I've finally got a grip on the problem.
Now, I'm wondering if that's what someone else was talking about when they said that they had problems with the Option #1. ???

I reinstalled Mozilla Thunderbird again today and I'm still amazed at how well it sets itself up with only a minimum of help from me.
It even sets the correct ports for GMail. I may offer that to my Win-7 customers who don't want to use Web-Mail.

Cheers Mates!
The Doctor :cool:
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