Windows 7 Dark Aero Themes (Relieve Insomnia)

Discussion in 'Desktop Customization' started by Mystagogue, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    I've read how the brightness of LCD displays, directly in the eyes, contributes to insomnia. So I want to switch to a dark aero theme. I'm disappointed that the only available dark themes are "high contrast." I can't find any aero themes that are dark, but also have a background slide-show.

    I tried downloading an aero theme that had a dark slide-show series, but its foreground is still "the usual white" brightness. No good. So I thought I'd combine a high-contrast with that new slide-show background I just downloaded. But they don't combine; the slide-show of the downloaded aero theme does not show as a selectable option when I'm trying to select a slide-show to go with my high-contrast setting.

    How can I solve that last problem, and where can I find dark aero themes that fit the bill?

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