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When I click on a photo in Win 7 Home Premium, they appear dark, not black, but darker than they should be. But when I start a slide show, they look fine. Is this a known problem with Win 7? And, is there a fix?


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I haven't seen that.

On the three computers that I have had with Windows7 all of the thumb nails and the image in the preview pane, look pretty much like the enlarged image opened in Photoshop.

When I run a slide show from Windows Explorer the images do look lighter but I think that is mostly because of the contrast with the black background instead of the white one in Explorer.

Have you gone through the monitor setup process and updated your graphics drivers.

Personalize/Display/Calibrate Color


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Yes I have, I am a photographer, so my monitor is calibrated, it ONLY does this when I double click a photo to display it in windows, like the white balance is off, but in ANY other program, or the Windows slideshow, the photos look fine....It did the same thing on the RC of Win 7 also...Very strange..

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