Data partition has vanished

I have somewhat the same problem as this guy has:
I read that you guys might need the Diskmgmt information in his topic so here it is:

I had the RC which was dualbooting fine alongside XP. Then I got the RTM, burned it, booted up with it, deleted and formatted the partition on which 7 was (which was the C drive) and installed the RTM.
When I did this I noticed that the os selector had disappeared. So I installed EasyBCD to try to fix the bootloader but I think I messed up in this stage.
Cause when I tried to boot in XP, I got the "Error loading operating system".
Tried some things to fix it, (which involved reinstalled 7 again just to boot up in it to try to fix the bootloader), didn't work, gave up.

Put in the XP cd, deleted the XP and 7 partition, and created a new 100GB partition and installed XP on it. ( My 400GB Data partition was still visible and accesible in this stage).
Then I put in the 7 dvd, booted it up, created new 100GB partition out of the leftover unformatted space, and installed it.
No problems during installation, computer rebooted, I got the nice bootloader screen with the "Earlier version of windows" and "Windows 7" option. Everything still ok, boot up Windows 7 and there I notice that my Third partition, with all my data had disappeared! =S
I'm thinking wth is this, I reboot into XP, and there it has vanished as well!

What should I do now?
I want to get atleast the Data back, I don't care if I have to format my entire drive again and install XP and 7 all over.

IMHO your data is gone. There are some utilities that may recover your 400 gig free space partition but it obviously has been deleted.

But I never deleted the partition so why would it?
Can you give me one of those utilities?

Also I just noticed that the C partition is "extended" with the free space, what does this mean and could this have something to do with it?

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I just booted up with the XP cd and act like I would install XP to get to the partition manager part, there it also said the 400GB of Unallocated Space.

Soo I'm guessing I might have accidently deleted the partition when I was installing 7... =(

So now my big question is: Is it possible to still recover the data? :eek:

Unfortunately i have to agree with Busydog there are some freeware apps that claim to recover nuked partitions Google partition recovery or some such you also may want to search on this board as i believe some utilities have been posted on here for partition recovery.

I have found Active Partition Recovery.
I just downloaded, burned it and booted up, it found the partition and was able to read all the files.
But since it was a trial it couldn't write the partition table.

So now I got to download it through a torrent or something.
Hope it works!

dont give up there are programs that will be able to read and recover your data if its still there :cool:

If you re run your search but put "+freeware" in it minus the quotes of course i know there are open source products out there that will serve your purpose i'm just too lazy to search them out for you.I'm almost certain that some have been posted here on this forum.

Trialware Will Work

Try BootItNG...... In the trial mode, you can boot and do Partition Work and hopefully undelete your data partition. Deactivate BootItNG when you are done.

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