Date Change

Twice in the last week I've gone to use my pc and the system date had changed at some point during downtime. First time about 40 years into the future causing several problems. Second time(today) causing some different problems. Each time it took me awhile to realize what had happened.
No children in the house to fool with pc, just my wife and me.


Noob Whisperer
Not sure what the problem you are experiencing may be. Usually date changes that commonly revert to some default date (usually a previous date and time) are the result of a CMOS battery going dead and the system is unable to maintain the correct date and time it will generally revert back to some historical default date and time.
The date and time advancing as you are explaining is not generally what I have experience but I suppose that it could be hard coded in the BIOS. When this problem occurs, is it always the same date and time that it goes to or is it a different date and time on each occasion?

Different date. Time was right. Second time it was something like 2095.


Noob Whisperer
Sorry, no clue really.
Since it apparently happens "during downtime" that would suggest that either something is running at shut down or at startup that is responsible for the change.
I would be checking for virus and malware.
I would also open an elevated command prompt and type
sfc /scannow
just to see if the system file checker revealed any issues.
I would also look at the startup tab in msconfig and see what might be there that might be responsible for the problem.
Does it happen after every cold boot? Does it ever happen after a reboot / restart? Does it seem to have anything to do with how long the computer is left off?

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