Dbase in XP vrs Win 7 Ultimate in xp compatible mode

H just bought new Win7 Premium (64 I think) Laptop i7. Will not run my old dbase programs like xp. So I loaded "DosBox'. Works, but very slowing even after bumping frames up to 50000. If I upgrade to win7 Ultimate and run in xp compatible, would it be as fast as my old xp?


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Which product/version Dbase are you running? I don't think upgrading Windows 7 to another version will do anything for the speed.

Howdy DaveHC, Thank you for responding. I beleive I am running Dbase III or IV. You indicated you are not sure of my speed question. Any idea how I can find forsure if speed would be same as 'DosBox" if I upgraded to Win7 Proff or Ulitimate.


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No reflection on yourself, but, truth is, I am not sure what your question is. Are you asking if Dosbox will run faster in either OS, or if Dbase will. In either case, as it is the same engine in both OS versions, you should not see any difference.

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Actually XP mode isn't that great you would be better off with a virtual machine like VMware Player which is free. The down is you would need a genuine copy of XP for it.

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