DDE Connectivity Lost after Windows 7 Update

After I installed the Windows 7 updates of 1/9/2013, DDE connectivity has been lost. I have an Excel 2010 spreadsheet with DDE connections to another running application; those DDE connections have worked for years prior to the most recent Windows updates.

Screen shots of error messages are attached.



Thanks for the suggestions, but neither of them corrected the problem.

Since the spreadsheet was able to connect to the DDE server application before the Windows updates were installed, but not after the installation, and no changes were made to the spreadsheet or the server application, logic dictates that one of the Windows updates (likely a security fix) caused the problem.

Thanks again.


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Uninstall one update at a time until you catch the one causing this and tell us which it is so we can pinpoint the problem and solve it.

Found it! The culprit is Security Update for Windows 7, KB2778930, Security Bulletin MS13-005.


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I couldn't find a reason for this update to conflict the DDE server but Microsoft says that it's a pretty important security update and I wouldn't give up on it. Look at your non-critical updates and see if there is anything that has to do with Microsoft office. Maybe if you also update the Office Suite, the problem will go away even with the Microsoft update.

The problem did not result from an Office update. Before I started uninstalling the security-related updates, I installed Open Office Calc on my computer and replicated the problem, which indicates that the problem originated outside MS Office. After I uninstalled KB2778930, both Excel and Calc made the DDE connection.

I made a count of all the Jan 9 Windows 7 updates that would have to be individually uninstalled (followed by a computer reboot for each) to test for some other update that might have been responsible. Outside of the Windows-specific updates, there were 81 others listed. There's no way I am going to spend days trying to track down another potential source for this problem, especially since I have already found that uninstalling KB2778930 fixes it.

Microsoft pushed out an update that caused the problem, now let them fix it. I've already given them a leg up in the process by finding KB2778930.

Which leads me to this question: Does my communication with you about this mean that this will be forwarded to Microsoft for resolution? If not, can you tell me how to let them know about it?



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Which leads me to this question: Does my communication with you about this mean that this will be forwarded to Microsoft for resolution? If not, can you tell me how to let them know about it? Thanks.
Well, I can mention it to Steve Ballmer (Bill Gate's replacement) at lunch tomorrow but I think he will be late as he must go helicopter shopping... Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :)

Unfortunately, I'm not on the Microsoft committee and I only volunteer here, but you can report bugs here: https://connect.microsoft.com/

I'm sure you can wait until this is fixed (maybe in a future update) but you should write down the update that caused the problem so if you accedentally install it again, you will know what to uninstall. Sorry I couldn't help further.

While you're at it, please put in a good word for me with Steve! :)

I hid the bad update in Windows Update so it doesn't get automatically selected when the next fixes get pushed out, and as you suggested, will keep a record of this KB update number.

Thanks for the link to the bug reporting page, and for the excellent support.

My DDE stopped working suddenly. I run on Windows 7, 64bit. At long last, after 8 months of searching the internet for a solution I found the problem myself. It was SPAMfighter, which I had installed around then. I uninstalled it using Revo Uninstall and my DDE works fine now. Thought you might like to know.

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