dead toshiba laptop ?

hi all,i have a toshiba satillite pro laptop and its been running fine,but the other day the battery went flat and as i had finished what i needed to do i didnt try to charge it until today only to find that when i plug the charger in nothing happens ,no lights come on ,nothing at all,the charger does work as i have tried it on another laptop,please help

Check w/ Toshiba or a Toshiba Service Ctr; not long ago Toshiba was having (known) battery issues... make this is what's rearing it's ugly head for you, now.


just tried another fully charged battery but its still the same


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Take the battery out and try? When you tried the charged battery, was the charger plugged in?

And those chargers can be specific to model, so I assume the other laptop you tried was the same type?


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Try removing the battery and just plug in the charger, the LT should work fine on just the charger.

If it still won't turn on/boot, then it's the old electronic adage, "at some point everything fails, just because it was working yesterday does not mean it will work today".

Good luck.

yes its the same model laptop ,and still not working with battery out and charger on


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How old is the laptop? As you seem to have surmissed, the laptop may have died. Perhaps a visit to a reputable technician would help.

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