Dealing with MS support is like dealing with the insurance company...

If there is a way to avoid providing contracted-for services, they will.

I called because, post-upgrade, my Outlook 2007 completely stopped working. Because my Outlook 2007 is a "volume license" (from my hosted exchange service provider), they were insisting I get tech support from my mail service provider. After arguing for 10 minutes that the problem isn't with Outlook (which was running happily under Vista), but rather with Windows 7, and that they promised support for 90 days and it makes no sense they wouldn't provide support for an issue Windows 7 created with one of their own products, I was FINALLY given a case number and transferred to a technician. Once he heard my problem, he said, "That sounds like a problem with the operating system." I said, "Excuse me? And?" He repeated that it sounded like a problem with the operating system. I said, "Well, yes." Silence. I said, "That would be why I'm calling." He said, well, you're in the wrong department, I'll transfer you to the right one.

Back on hold again...

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