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Does anyone happen to know how to get thunderbird to set itself as the default mail program. I keep checking the yes box, but everytime the program loads it comes back up. Really anoying.:cool:


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I've found several ISPs that have a real problem with Thunderbird.
Hughes Net and ATT to name two.

While I used Thunderbird for years with my comcast connection I have now switched to Windows Live Mail as have most of my friends.

It sets itself up with no hassles, and I like the interface better now that I'm used to it.
I like the fact that it shows your e-mail message full hight on the right side of the screen instead all scrunched up at the bottom.

You might give it a try.

Windows Live Mail

I'm not sure what you mean by default mail program, the mail tends to open in which ever client you open first.

If you need to set up the account in Thunderbird check out this link.


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click the start orb, default programs, set your default programs. In the program list on the left select your email client, then click set this program as default. That should do it for you.

Thanks for suggestion, I tryed that, and it didn't change anything. When I went to the defaults for thunderbird, mailto and send both had check marks.


Unable to set Thunderbird as the default client


Even after you set the windows feature to set thunder bird to be the default feature it still is not the default client.


Uninstall Thunder bird and reinstall the program and set it to be the default mail client by going into default programs. The issue will be fixed


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