Default Power Button action keeps changing


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When I set my Power Button action to sleep it works for a while then changes to Shut Down by itself. I cannot change it to anything else right now. Sometimes it will change back, sometimes I can change it back.


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So you go into Power Options-System settings and set the power button to sleep. You then hit save, I assume.

If you do the above and it changes back, could it be your system has problems sleeping and the system resets itself for your protection? Is this a Laptop or Desktop?

But I suppose something might be corrupted. Maybe you could run a system file check just to see if anything shows up.

Open an administrative command prompt and type sfc /scannow

To open prompt, type cmd in the Start Menu search box and hit CTRL+Shift Enter.


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Thanks - don't know if this will lead anywhere, but I do have some errors.
So far it seems to have fixed a different issue. I'll let u know if I get someplace

QUESTION: What does CRTL+Shift do for the CMD command??????????

Is that an alternate way to make it Run as Admin??


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Makes it an administrative prompt.

If you don't like that, right click and choose run as admin on the Command window.


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NO, I like it!!!!
Just the first time I saw it and I thought that is what it was.
Does that work on any command entered in Run???
I would guess so.

BTW, I did a clean install of W7 on another drive.
After the first windows update I got the same error for iassdo.dll.mui being corrupt and not being fixable.
So what is going on here???

I also have a bunch of folders indicating duplicate ownership - as on the regular system.
But that doesn't actually seem to be the case. The owner is TrustedInstaller.
But there are two entries for System and Administrator, one showing "this folder only" and another showing "sub-folders and files".
What is that all about??


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You mean you ran the SFC after the clean install and it checked OK?

I have that file on my system. I have seen some files, as with one from Dell, that would not check during the SFC because it had been modified and was no longer the original file from Microsoft. In order to get it to work again, I believe you have to replace the .mui version so it can update the others. Do you have an original Win 7 disc or an OEM version from a manufacturer?

But you may not need to worry if it is not used. Someone suggested it is some type of language file, but I do not know.

On my 32 bit system the iassdo.dll.mui file is in the \System32\en-US folder and is 46.0 KB.

I don't have a good answer for the TrustedInstaller question except that it is an NT Service and installs and tracks the system files. Or at least something to that effect.

I did notice the power settings on this laptop allow for a sleep button setting, but I do not have a separate sleep button.

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