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    In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder discuss services in Windows. We look at several tools for managing services, and discuss how they are implemented.


    [00:00] - Intro - what is a service?
    [01:20] - Using the Services MMC to view and manage services
    [03:13] - Starting in Windows 8, Task Manager can now manage services too
    [04:05] - sc query
    [05:15] - Sysinternals Process Explorer can view services
    [05:56] - Services share svchost.exe processes, grouped by a group name
    [06:51] - Moving a service into its own Svchost process for debugging purposes (see also this blog post)
    [11:10] - net command (net start/stop/pause/continue)
    [13:39] - Different service start types (auto, manual, delayed, triggered, etc.)
    [15:05] - sc enumdepends - look at service dependencies (Note: This command actually enumerates the services which depend on the one you're querying, not the ones it is itself dependent on. We stated this incorrectly in the video.)
    [16:40] - Where are service configurations stored in the registry? (Some documentation including values for "Start" is in KB103000)
    [21:05] - Some PowerShell commands: Get-Service, Stop-Service, Start-Service
    [23:38] - Triggered startup
    [24:30] - Email us your issues at


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