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I am running Windows 7 home. I use Diskeeper 2010 and it works great. My question is , how can I find out if the OP defrag is still working. And if so can I turn it off or dose it even mater? thanks - funnnyfarm


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Hi, :)

I assume you mean the OP defrag to be the one integrated with Windows?
Open start, type defrag, click "disk defragmenter".

when it opens, click Change Schedule (or Turn On if it's already off) then turn it off.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks defrag in the OP is off. funnnyfarm

You also have to delete or disable the scheduled task involving it or it will turn on the service and actually run.

Type task scheduler in the start menu to get to the tasks.


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I checked task scheduler no defrag there.

I cheat! >:)
I'm just Old School enough to want to see what's going on during a defrag.
So, I have XP on one hard drive and Win-7 on another and I can use the defrag in XP to defrag my Win-7 HD. The defrag can be even better when there are NO files open on the drive being Defragmented.
Oh well, that's just one Old Timer's solution to the problem of Defragging W-7.

I like evaluating new programs, but one program that nearly destroyed my PC was the "Defraggler". Some folks have reported that it worked OK for them, but NOT FOR ME!:(
So that program is on my "Never, Ever, Ever, Ever again" list.

Cheers Mates!
Old Timer ~o)


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I started using Diskeeper on XP you can do the same as the OP Defrag , and have more settings . But the best part it defags in the background all the time. funnnyfarm


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Re: [langtitle=ja]Re: Defrag[/langtitle]

Actually if you want to speed up your boot time then you need to use the built in version AND it definitely works. I gained 20 seconds but this method will use the built in defrag
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