Delay of several minutes between Windows Logo and Logon screen

I have a Dell inspiron 1545 with Windows 7 Home Premium x64.

I recently reinstalled AutoCAD 2012 Student Edition on my system (I had this installed earlier but I'd uninstalled some of its components).

Since reinstalling, the Windows Logon screen takes around 3 minutes to appear after the Windows logo disappears after booting. The only thing on the screen is the cursor. Pressing ctrl + alt + del does nothing. I can only move the arrow cursor around for 3 minutes.

Restoring the system to a point before I'd reinstalled AutoCAD fixes the problem, but reinstalling it brings the problem up again.

How do I fix this??


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Get Revo uninstaller and use the advanced option to see if that helps. This will scour your disk, it is probably a left over item that the normal uninstaller does not catch. Be careful after you get the final screen to make sure you do not delete something you need. At times some things are used by more than one program.

Good Luck

Doesn't work. Performed a clean uninstall of all Autodesk products using a utility they supply, then deleted all files and registry entries that were found using the keywords "Autodesk" and "AutoCAD". Still doesn't help.

Reinstalling AutoCAD still causes a delay of around 2 - 3 mins between Windows splash screen and Logon screen


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Look at Msconfig.exe and see if anything is starting up related to Autocad. It might be trying to call home, or load some driver.

Does you system meet all the necessary specs for the application?

Any updates for it?

Are you running any other drafting type software that might be competing for resources?

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