Delete all drivers

How do you delete all installed drivers from windows 7?

Go into Uninstall Programs and remove them from there
Then check Device Manager and uninstall from there and select delete/uninstall drivers

This should remove all driver files. However, it may not work for all hardware.
In that case, the easiest way (other than some 3rd party app that may or may not work).....

Nuke and Reload


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I have to ask....

Why would you want to uninstall all drivers. You system will not boot without the built-in Windows drivers.

You can remove drivers no longer in use and not correctly uninstalled by the uninstaller for 3rd party programs by using:
Driver Cleaner

I am not a fan, nor do i trust driver cleaner.

Personally, the only thing I do trust when wanting to fully redo all drivers, is Nuke and Reload.
That's it. Start from scratch.


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As you can see from te response, it is an odd query and, if actioned, would result in a loss of your OS.
However. IF you know what you are doing (I have done this from time to time, but only for testing purposes!) download and run the Microsoft program "Autoruns" This gives many options. One of these is to look at all your dlls and either disable or delete them.. It is on your own head if you delete the wrong ones!!

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