Delete partition drive and revert it back to one partition drive


sorry if this has been posted already.

i have partitioned one of my hard drives to have 2. now i want to delete it and revert it back to just one hard drive, can this be done???

please note that i had vista installed on the main hard-drive first then i created a partition drive to install my windows 7 from it, i do no want to remove the partition drive of windows 7 i want to remove vista and have the gigs to windows 7 and one hard drive instead of two??

im running in triple boot mode, but win xp is on a different drive.

sorry for the trouble people, i no longer need windows vista, just want to keep windows 7 and xp.



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Could you attach a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window?

thanks for the reply, his how my disk mgn looks.

disk mgn..jpg


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Looks like the Win 7 partition is your system partition, which means the boot files are already where they need to be. You should just be able to delete the Vista Partition and then remove it from the boot menu and be set. To remove it, use bcdedit, or Easybcd.

If you decide to move the Win 7 partition, it might be risky, so back up. You will need to use a third party partition manager like Partition Wizard. Some folks recommend rewriting the MBR from within Partition Wizard before you close it, but I can't verify.

i deleted the vista partition through the disk mgn, but it didn't go to my win 7 partition the reaming gigs???

its saying 280GB unallocated???

once again appreciate the help.


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It will not automatically take up that space. Also, Disk Management will not move or expand the partition to take up the space.

You will have to use a third party partition manager to do this. After you download and burn the bootable version of Partition Wizard, you can select the partition then "Move/Resize" and drag the left handle to the left to use the unallocated space. Make sure you hit "apply" before closing the utility. If the suggestion from one user about allowing Partition Wizard to rewrite the MBR is correct, you may want to do that if you have problems.

As I said, this can be risky so backup first. Win 7 Backup is very good at backing up an image to an external or another internal drive, or even over your network.

If for some reason Win 7 refuses to boot, use the Install DVD to repair by using the Startup Repair option.

Thank you again,

i fixed it, i just installed the program and resized and started the comp, all working fine, and of course i backup as an image as you told me.

just one question on that though, you know how i have that backup lets say i want to install windows 7 will it install with the current configuration and the software's i have installed already?

and does it need to be as a bootable iso?

once again thanks.


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If you are talking about the image, it will restore the exact situation you had during the backup. I would suggest if you have it where you want it, you do another backup to lock in what you now have. And yes, an image restore will put your system back where it was prior to the image, so if your hard drive fails, you can restore to a new drive, assuming it is large enough and not loose your install.

Thats awesome, i really appreciate the help. Thank you

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