Windows 7 Delete Steady State cache.wdp from SSD


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I installed windows 7 over an XP installation that had Windows Steady State installed on it with a 10 GB cache. Steady State is incompatible with Windows 7 so cache.wdp is installed taking up 10GB of space but I can't use Steady State to delete it. Cache.wdp only shows up when I use a disk scanner to list the files. It does not show up in explorer, search or any manual search I have tried looking in places where it should be located.

I looked on the Steady State forum and found nothing relating to Win 7 and the solutions there for deleting it do not work.

So, I have 10GB of my hard drive allocated to a cache file that is not used and I can't delete.

I am using a solid state drive (SSD) if that makes any difference.