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I have several PCs networked together using a workgroup. All of the PCs are running Win7 Pro or Ultimate. (Please note: it’s a workgroup, not a homegroup.) It’s setup so that any of the PCs can access the others. Everything is working fine.

When I first set up this network I put all of the PCs in the same Workgroup and gave each PC the name and password for each of the other PCs so they could connect.

I am about to give away one of the PCs and I want to remove the passwords of the other PCs from this PC. How can I do that?



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My recommendation would be to create a new user (administrators group users) and log on as that user. Make sure that you have backed up any files (that you may want to keep on external media) from the accounts that you want to remove. Open the Control Panel and select the User Accounts applet. Choose the "Manage another account" link. Select the accounts that you no longer wish to leave on that computer that you are giving away and Choose the "Delete the account" link, and then the "Delete Files" button.
After clearing all the unwanted accounts and their associated files use a program like Ccleaner to wipe the drive's free space. Launch Ccleaner and select "Tools" then "Drive Wiper" from the left column, make sure "Free Space Only" is selected, check the box next to the appropriate drive (usually Local Disk C) and hit it with three passes (more if you're seriously paranoid).
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Is there nothing listed under User Accounts, Manage your credentials?

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