Deleted a registry key on accident and now internet doesn't work. HELP!

While struggling to get rid of the win7 security 2012 virus I believe I accidentally deleted a registry key that had to do with my internet instead of one of the ones for the virus. I am not very tech savvy but I can navigate around a computer fairly well with the right guidance. I did not make a copy of the registry keys before attempting to edit them, and for some reason I have no restore dates before I made this mistake to use system restore. Now whenever I open my internet browser (internet explorer 8) I receive a: internet explorer cannot display this webpage. I have connectivity with my router but limited access. I tried trouble shooting and got a message saying there was an error with the DNS. I would appreciate any help that I can get. Possibly just a list of what registry keys could possibly cause just my internet to go down. If I can find out which one I deleted I should be able to manually type it in.


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If you use CCleaner and have used the registry cleaner function it backs up the registry every time if you say OK when it asks you.
You can use CCleaner to restore the registry to an earlier version.

If not you could try and remove Internet Explorer and re-install it and see if that rewrites the necessary entries.

Are you connecting to the internet?
Does your e-mail work?

If not open network sharing and try running diagnose problems.

You would be better off using Malwarebytes to remove the virus.


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Do you not remember anything about the path of the key you deleted, or where you got the info to do so?

As Mike mentions, reinstalling might work, but could you open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all to see how your IP addresses are set up?

You can copy using the snipping tool and attach. If you need to edit personal info, use Paint or the snipping tool.

An easy way to open a command prompt is to hold shift and right click the desktop then choose "Open command window here". This will not be an administrative window, but you do not need it for this.


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If you suspect that the issue is truly a registry issue as a result of your previous actions, you may need to rebuilt the TCP/IP stack and or the Winsock Catalog.
Open a command prompt as administrator as Saltgrass describes above and type
netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
hit enter
netsh Winsock reset
hit enter
reboot the computer.
Double check that you don't have a black hole proxy server configured in your browser.
For IE9
Click the little gear icon right under the "X" close button and select "Internet Options" then the "Connections" tab then the "LAN settings" button.
Uncheck all check boxes and OK
Close and Restart IE9
Double check your hosts file
right click it and choose properties, uncheck the read only attribute box and then OK, then open it with notepad
remove all entries not prefixed with a pound sign "#"
Close and save
Reset the read only attribute box and OK

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Do a quick check to make sure a proxy server has not been set up in IE.

Hey thank you all so much! I'll give it a try the second I get in front of that other computer. Thanks again!

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