Deleted file not gone

I distribute Microsoft Access developed software and the program relies on locating its backend .mdb file. I find on Windows 7 that even if I delete a file and it appears to be gone, it seems to be stored somewhere. I need to be able to get rid of the backend database file for good. Any help would be appreciated.


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Are you doing this manually and do you know where the file is being stored after your delete it?

If done manually and stored in the recycle bin, have you used the Shift + Delete to bypass the recycle bin?

I am deleting the file manually. Once it is deleted, the file appears to be gone in the folder.

The way the Access frontend/backend works is through a connect string. For example, the front end looks for the backend at C:\Program Files\Mansker Enterprises\AD\AthleticData.mdb.

If I delete the AthleticData.mdb file and open the frontend, I should get an error because the file no longer exists, but the frontend opens up just as it did before and it is connecting to the AthleticData.mdb file even though I deleted it. I believe that the deleted file is being stored in some type of virtual folder somewhere that still maintains the characteristics of the C:\Program File\Mansker Enterprises\AD folder.


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I am not familiar with that program, so could it be making a backup copy and restoring when it doesn't find the old one? I suppose it may be keeping a temporary file like Word does, but those are normally removed when you close the program. Are there settings in the software to set preferences for file storage and backup locations?

After you open the front end and it finds the file, has it been replaced in the original folder?

You might search your system for that file or a general *.mdb. Maybe you will see other file locations.

The software doesn't create a backup automatically. It seems that Windows 7 creates some type of mirror folder that I just can't find.

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