Deleted files from D partition while away


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I got a message in my email today that a large number of files got deleted from OneDrive. So I can still recover the files since they stay in the recycle bin for 30 days.

I set up the OneDrive as a network drive on my PC as per an article that I found a while ago. This has been for about one year so far. I use a third party program called AllwaySync to sync my file to my PC, and it is set to check every 6 hours. I use this method because Win8.1 does not have an app for one drive that does not require to login with my computer the Microsoft account that I have.

The files are in very particular directory and contain photos of a project that ended in 2017.

I would like some tips to trace the reason the files got deleted. It all happened when I was asleep (I can see the deleted time on OneDrive). It is about 2GB in total and not in the PC recycle bin. The sync program shows that the direction of the deletion started from my PC and not from the OneDrive.

Please assist me in my inquiry.

I have AVG Free antivirus.