Deleted files on network drive return

I have been researching this problem for days, and Windows 7 seems to be a common factor, hence this post. I have a Maxtor Central Axis network drive that I have used for a number of years for backups. I reorganised it a while back and recently decided to do some housekeeping and empty the old share I had been using. However, I am left with one folder where I cannot delete the files or the folder. Saying that, they appear to delete, but if you come back or press F5, they reappear!

I have gone through all the following:
Taken ownership - this does not work as I get Access denied.
Unchecked read only in the properties - ditto above.
Tried amending permissions - ditto above
I am logged on as admin
My user is shown as having full access to the share.
There is no automatic backup software.
As this is a network drive, the files are not deleted to the Recycle bin.
It is not possible to connect it with USB directly to my computer.
As a result, I can't run chkdsk and none of the deleting utilities I have found work with networked drives. For the same reason, I can't format the drive from the laptop.
The disk check in the interface with the drive confirms there are no problems.
I can't delete the share.
There is no format option in the interface.

Any geniuses out there who can solve this one? At the moment, the problem is not vital, as the folder concerned is only a few hundred MB, but I am concerned if the issue arises again it might become important. Or I just shell out for a new TB drive of course!


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The user's manual for the device seems fairly straight forward as to procedures for deleting user accounts (shared folders) on the Axis. Can I assume you used that process for deleting all other files?

Does there have to be at least one user account on the Axis, and possibly that is keeping the account from being deleted?

Have you tried accessing the drive from another computer? Do you have web access enabled and could anything be sharing the files that might be keeping them from being deleted?

Thanks for taking the time to respond. User accounts are not the same as shares. I have an account, as does my wife. These are then allocated to shares, which are how the drive is divided up, to manage access to the drive. It comes with a "Public" share set up, and this cannot be deleted. This is where the files I want to delete are found. I don't particularly want to delete a share, and can't delete this one anyway. I simply used Windows Explorer to delete the other files. There are currently two shares, so that isn't the issue either.

I have also tried all of this from an older PC with XP on it, as there indications on the web that this problem doesn't happen using XP computers. My laptop is Windows 7, 64 bit Ultimate edition. The point about web access is a good one, and it is activated, but that wouldn't explain how come I managed to delete 100GB+ of data but can't delete this last 200MB. I am also not sure how it would explain that the files reappear after apparently being deleted. I would have thought if it was purely an access issue, either caused by the file being locked by another application or due to permissions, then it simply wouldn't allow the files to be deleted and produce an appropriate error message. All most mysterious.


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User accounts are not the same as shares.
It may just be semantics regarding what you call the folder, but I was reading the Manual and was trying to see if these paragraphs were relevant. Maybe how you set the folder up might be relevant.

Note: When you create a new user account on the admin web page rather than in the Macintosh
or Windows desktop application, a shared folder is not automatically created for the new
account. You must create the folder yourself. For instructions on how to do this, see the
Shared Folder Management section.

Note: When the Macintosh and Windows desktop applications refer to a user account, what is
actually being referred to is a shared folder. So when you select a user account to
connect to from the list displayed in the desktop application, you’re actually selecting from
a list of shared folders, not from a list of user accounts.
The files returning after they appear to have been deleted, is mysterious. Almost like some software utilities (or spyware) that rewrite their registry entries after you try to remove them.

Thanks for getting back on this. The thing is, this is the default share, so was set up by the system itself. It being the public folder, and the reason why I decided to reorganise, everybody has access to it, and this also cannot be changed. Unlike other shares, where you can specify the kind of access each account has, and whether the share is deleted or suspended. The new share works fine with the three accounts I have set up to access it, but that of course isn't the problem :sad_smile:.
I suspect I will just have to live with the current situation, which isn't a huge issue, and hope it doesn't start applying to the other share, where it could become an issue. One thing I have learned is to try and have a NAS drive in the future with the option of connecting via USB, so such situations as this can be tackled more easily.

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