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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by silkmaze, Mar 7, 2010.

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    I have a new (3 months) Toshiba laptop, with Windows 7 64 bit running on it.

    A couple of weeks after I got it, I had finished downloading a couple of torrents, I deleted the torrent files.
    However, I saw that the deleted files are still visible in Windows Explorer and I can't get rid of them.

    When I right click on them and check their properties and have a look at the size and size on disk are both 0kb.

    I have tried to use SW to delete them, rename them then delete them, but with no luck.

    03-07-2010 01-58-14.

    As you can see, the first 6 files are the "deleted" torrent files, then after that the list of "normal" files starts.

    How can I get rid of those "shadow" files so that they do not appear in Explorer.

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    1. Delete those files under an administrator account. Make sure they are not write-protected, and that you have enough privileges to delete the files: right-click > properties > security tab.

    Also, make sure that the disk with the files you can't delete is not write-protected.

    2. After you deleted the files, empty your recycle bin. Then right-click in windows explorer > refresh.

    If Steps 1-2 didn't help,

    3. Create a new administrator account, Control Panel > User Accounts. Log in to the new account, and try to delete the files.

    If Step 3 didn't help,

    4. Run:



    sfc /scannow (with your 7 installation DVD) or sfc /verifyonly (if you don't have 7 installation DVD)

    If it didn't help,

    5. Try system restore function.

    6. If nothing helps, consider reinstalling your system/recovering it from image

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