Windows 7 Deleting Files Of A Particular Extension


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Because my movie cataloging program isn't compatible with .tif images, I had to convert them to an acceptable type. This resulted in multiple images for each movie. That wasn't a problem until I recently started using their cloud database service, which complains about the .tifs every time that I sync to it.

I started out manually going through the image directory, deleting the offending images, until I got fed up with the tedium. Is there not a means to group all of these files automatically, and deleting them in one lump sum?
Once you have completed converting all images, just do a search from the windows explorer search pane for tif. As long as the images are in the same parent folder, explorer will show them regardless if they are in a different subdirectory. Example: if they are all inside of My Documents, they will be found. Just do the search from the parent folder of the image location.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something. Yes, if I search for .tif as you suggest, it finds all of them in all indexed areas. The problem is that I have a bunch of .tifs that I don't want to delete, that are for a different purpose in a different program.

I attempted to select the desired directory after the search completed, but it then showed all files in the folder, regardless of the extension. I guess using the search function would reduce the amount of tedium selecting files, but it still isn't as simple as I would desire.
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I wasn’t sure if you had those images organized in a particular directory. There is something else that could help as well. Do another search for tif and look at the bottom of the page and click custom. (while the search is still ongoing) You now have the ability to choose every specific directory and folder, subfolder, etc. perhaps this will be more efficient.
That method probably works just as good as any software, only because the files were not in any one specific or central location.