Deleting files shows huge # of total items and sizes

I've got Win7 Ultimate installed on two machines. The desktop runs the 32-bit version. The laptop runs the 64-bit version.

Whenever I select files and delete them (either using right-click-delete or using the keyboard delete key), a message box pops ups with the status of the delete as expected. However this message box continues to add to the total files until the numbers of items to be deleted are often in the billions. And this also reflects Terabytes of stuff being deleted. This can happens whenever I delete even just two or three files but usually when I'm dleting a thousand or more. It will show hundreds of hours to complete. It doesn't do it every time but does most of the time.

A recent example: I wanted to delete 33,204 jpg files (about 3.2G) off a 4G memory stick. I selected the folders they were in and pressed the delete key. After 3 minutes of adding, the message box shows over 7 million files to be deleted, totaling over 692G and an estimate of 222 hours to complete! It's continues to add more items and size as it goes. After about 5 minutes it finishes and has done what I requested but the messages were completely bogus!

I can tell you I've canceled several deletes when these incorrect status messages make me think I'm about to accidentally delete more than selected.

Is there a fix for this W7 error? I have all the Windows updated to the latest possible via the Windows update site.

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