deleting windows 7 files and folders useless

I did an nlited version of windows 7 RC, so i have an iso of 1.41 gb. Now, what can I delete of windows 7 files and folders useless? I already delete "SoftwareDistribution", "Windows Mail", "Windows DVD Maker", "Internet Explorer" and "Games", and so now what can I also delete?

vlite not nlite

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Hello and welcome,

That's the first I''ve heard of anyone using nlite.

I'm surprised it worked as I've heard vlite works.

Actual you can uninstall all these programs beside the Software Distribution by going to Control panel > Programs and Features, click Turn Windows Features on or off and there is a greater selection here.

Indexing can be removed IE8, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Internet Printing Client, Windows Fax and Scan, Tablet PC Components, , Windows Gadget platform, Windows Search, etc.

Going this route removes many registry entries as well, such as the HKLM\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Components Based Servicing, HKLM\Components\Derived Data, a huge amount of keys and values under the HKLM\Schema\wcm branch and it removes the Services associated with these programs as well.

I highly doubt nlite removes any registry entries, but I might be wrong.:)

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