Deleting Windows Live Mail, McAfee, Norton

HI! I'm an old guy who's brand new to Windows. Just bought an Acer D257 for my adult son. But he has a serious mental illness and wants zero possibility of receiving porn from the Internet or by email. I'M PROUD OF HIM FOR THAT. I was able to delete Internet Explorer and Firefox (that I'm sure 99.9 percent of you think is absurd! He wants the Acer for writing!) but I can't get rid of Windows Live Mail or McAfee or Norton files. Believe me, I realize how important those programs are for "normal" people!

Sure would appreciate your help. (Please don't forget that navigating around in Windows 7 is hardly intuitive for me, OK?) THANKS!


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to remove Live mail run the installer and untick the check box for live mail. You can find the installer (called essentials) here:

Windows Live Essentials 2011 - Download free Microsoft programs

To remove McAfee and Norton please refer to this web page which will give you hints and links for the various un-installers:

PC Hell: How to Uninstall Norton

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